What is it?  DAILED CARNAGE is the second pre-workout from our friends at THE X ATHLETICS and this version is even stronger than the first. Usually, the heavy hitting stimulant pre-workouts don’t have much else other than the big nervous system hit. DIALLED CARNAGE also delivers the goods with a large dose of ingredients to improve Pump and Endurance. This is a Pre-workout designed to wake you up and allow you to train like a person possessed.

Who Should take it?  DIALLED CARNAGE is made with the serious gym enthusiast in mind. It is great for improving focus, energy, better endurance and a great pump. Generally, half a serve will be enough for newbies and those sensitive to stimulants. Regular pre-workout users may need between ½ and a full serve. It will give you a boost on those days when you can’t seem to find your mojo.

What does it do?  This formula is more than just a big hit of caffeine. DIALLED CARNAGE will contribute to improved athletic performance by

PUMP: a whopping 6 grams of Citrulline Malate will improve blood flow of nutrients to the muscle and contribute to getting those rep sapping waste products quickly out of the muscle and off to the liver and kidneys to be processed. The added Agmatine is over kill, if you don’t pump on this formula you are in Elysium and you are already dead.

ENERGY: Caffeine is a thumping 450mg, if that doesn’t wake you up nothing will. To balance out all the caffeine and give you a smoother training experience 250mg of  L-Theanine has been added. Rounding off the Energy complex is Bitter Orange Extract. The Bitter Orange may assist with fat loss and improved digestion, though more research is needed on this ingredient.

FOCUS: is English Walnut Extract. Also known as Juglans Regia, it combines well with the Caffeine to give you focus and improved energy.

PERFORMANCE: Beta-Alanine will kick in fast to reduce lactic acid, should be a noticeable improvement in endurance right from your first dose. The 3200mg is the dosage used in most studies and may give some people the tingles for about ten minutes.

How do I take it?  Between ½ to 1 serve should be enough for most people. With this formula you really don’t need to be going over 1 serve. ½ to 1 serve, 20-30 minutes before exercise with a glass of water we think is sufficient for a great workout boost.

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