Coach Ewan

Ewan first started working in gyms at the age of 15 and has been in love with fitness ever since.

Over the years of varied roles of Personal Trainer, Contest Coach, Supplement Store owner and blog writer he has helped thousands of clients on their fitness journey’s.

Here's what Ewan has to say about coaching:

'Coaching people is always a rewarding experience. Passing on knowledge and then watching people’s health and lives change for the positive never gets old.

People think I was always larger than most. The real story is that it took me many years and a lot of effort to build this physique. After 8 years of training 5 days a week I had built myself up to the grand weight of 69kg, age 21. Over the next 30 years I added another 40kg of muscle to this skinny little frame, again with determination and consistency.

I know that if your enthusiasm is high enough, any of you can reach ANY goal you set your sights on.'

Ewan's services include:

You can book a consult with Ewan using this link or via the links in the services above: Book with Coach Ewan