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Planet Max 8 Week Challenge

Planet Max 8 Week Challenge

Planet Max
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Planet Max has been successfully coaching people like you in Nutrition and Training for over 20 years.  We started running Challenges early in 2010 to fill a need in Tasmania for a complete nutrition, training and mentoring package.  Each year the Challenges develop and improve, you can be assured of getting the most effective personalized training, nutritional and motivational strategies available, tried and tested on hundreds of clients.

People sign on for our challenges for many various reasons.  Some have already had some background in training and are trying to put together an eating plan from what they may have read or been told.  Others sign up for the accountability of the challenge, the knowledge that they will be weighed and measured every fortnight keeps them honest to their goals.  Nothing beats a face to face appraisal and pinch test for accountability. Finally we have those who are just starting out and need to learn all the basics.  Regardless of what your reasons may be to begin a challenge, our aim is to help you fulfil them.

Below is a testimonial from Tim, here is what he had to say after successfully completing our challenge at the end of 2011 and decided to do another one in 2012, with great results:

‘I wanted to start getting fit and build a bit of muscle. But where to start? I joined the gym and spoke to guys working out there, everyone was happy to give advice but the problem was all the advice was different and confusing, who was right?. So I searched the internet, same again!!  I was getting sick of wasting so much time trying to find out the best ways to get results. I then discovered Steph and Ewan at PLANETMAX. Such a wealth of Knowledge and they really knew their stuff (just look at them). So I went on the challenge and got results, the things I learnt have changed my life. The best money I have spent. Such a wise investment in my future. Thanks Ewan and Steph‘

We take the guess work and confusion out of the vast amounts of training and nutritional information available. Your plan will have the when’s, why’s and how’s, based on successful client programs.

Your 8 Week Challenge will include:

 5 x One on one Appointments (online or face to face)

  • Your initial appointment and then one every fortnight up until your final at 8 weeks, a total of 5 appointments

 Your initial consultation

  • The initial appointment will take the longest and usually lasts for 60mins, subsequent appointments are 20-30mins
  • At this appointment, your plan will be presented to you in full, based on a pre-questionnaire we provide you with before the consultation
  • The Initial consultation with be a full breakdown of 8 week plan with:
    • Goal setting and commitments for the challenge and beyond
    • A nutritional plan, consisting of 3 days of variety, refreshed at 4 weeks, chosen to suit your goals
    • A training program chosen to suit your experience level and goals
    • Body Weight, measurements and Body composition (muscle to fat ratios), where applicable
    • Photographs, taken for you on your device (done on initial and final appointments)
    • Action Plan and check sheets for the fortnight 

  Your Fortnightly Appraisals

  • Your fortnightly progress appraisals will include:
    • Body weight, body composition (Fat %) and measurements
    • Analysis of Fortnightly training, nutrition and goals
    • Updates of training programs and nutritional plan where necessary
    • Action Plan and check sheets for next fortnight

 Your Nutritional Plan

  • You will be provided with an easy to follow, personally calorized nutritional plan tailored specifically to you, your needs, body and goals.  There will be 3 days of variety on this plan and you will be shown how to interchange foods if you so choose.  There is also an option to have your nutrition plan refreshed if you feel it needed. 


  • You will be provided with a Training routine, based on your goals, body type and experience level
  • Your programs will be reviewed and refreshed at the 4 week mark of the challenge


  • Group facebook page, with other challengers and Planet Max Staff for support and inspiration
  • If questions arise while on your program we can be available to you via phone, email, facebook or face to face during business hours
Ready to take the Challenge?
You can either pay upfront by adding this product to the cart or pay using our payment plan link below.  Once payment plan has been activated, we will email you, the next working day, with some questionnaires to get you started.  There is no need to add the product to cart unless you are wanting to pay in full.  Simply activate payment plan, sit back and we will be in contact.

WAIVER FORM (Planet Max Pty Ltd)

This form explains the risks you are assuming in beginning a nutrition and/or exercise program. It is important that you read and understand it completely. After you have done so and you agree to the waiver, please indicate so by selecting "YES" on the "Do you AGREE to the WAIVER?" tab.

Nutrition and/or Fitness Disclaimer
The nutrition advice given by Planet Max Pty Ltd is based on the Australian Recommended Daily Caloric Intakes for males and females whose main goal is Weight-Loss. The nutrition information given is meant only for the individual that agrees to this Waiver Form. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to choose to follow the plan provided. The information contained within the plan is general and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, alleviate or treat any medical conditions, disease, physical or mental ailments or pain or infirmities.

Nutrition Assumption of Risk
I recognize that specific foods may create allergic and possible fatal reactions, most specifically, products containing nuts. I am aware that specific foods may interact with certain medications. I have discussed such food reactions and the side effects of all of my medications with my doctor or pharmacist and do not hold Planet Max Pty Ltd responsible for food and medication reactions. I also understand the diet plan I receive will not take my medications into consideration. If I am on medications, I am responsible to consult with my doctor before starting a new diet plan. If I am pregnant or lactating, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes, renal disease, gastric by-pass surgery a family history of gout or any other medical condition that requires special dietary restrictions, I must receive permission from my physician before participating in any specific nutrition programs I may use, or may be advised to seek help from another health professional.

Nutrition and/or Fitness Waiver and Covenant Not to Sue

I have volunteered to participate in Planet Max Pty Ltd's 8 week challenge, which will include, but may not be limited to nutrition and exercise planning. In consideration of Planet Max Pty Ltd agreement to assist me, I do here and forever release and discharge and hereby hold harmless Planet Max Pty Ltd, and their respective agents, heirs, assigns, contractors, and employees from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, arising out of or connected with my participation in any nutrition program including any injuries resulting there from. I acknowledge and agree that no warranties or representations have been made to me regarding the results I will achieve from this program. I understand that results are individual and may vary.

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