With less than 4 weeks out these treats disappeared from my nutrition plan long ago but that’s no reason why you guys can’t enjoy some of the low calorie treats that can satisfy craving and keep you in great shape….in the off season. In no particular order

 1. Chilled Espresso Custard This one is super easy to make and great for coffee lovers. If you double up on the coffee for added taste probably better to try this in the morning or early afternoon. 

10 Coffee Recipes to Make at Home | Hy-Vee

Recipe here https://planetmax.com.au/blogs/recipes/chilled-espresso-custard

 2. ADONIS COOKIE DOUGH a new product to market giving us 3  delicious  flavours and a break from mousse and custards all the time. 


PROTEIN COOKIE DOUGH (Casein Protein) – Double Choc Hazelnut | Adonis GearProtein Cookie Dough Recipe  


3. BCAA DIET JELLY these are super easy to make and there are no shortage of flavour combinations  you can make. Raspberry Jelly and Cola Aminos...YUM!  

How To Prepare Jelly Drinks - FV Hospital

 Recipe hear https://planetmax.com.au/blogs/recipes/bcaa-diet-jelly

4.  GEN TEC Casein Custard while this is the original and has been around for  years, I still think this is the best Casein Custard on the market. My favourite are all of them, if I had to narrow it down it would be a tie between Caramel and Chocolate Hazelnut. 

Casein Custard – Adrenaline HQ

5.  NO SUGAR ZOOPER DOOPERS these are only 6 calories and can also be a handy tool when you can’t poop properly. The Xylitol artificial sweetener seems to move things along the digestive tract a bit faster. Warning 2 Zooper Doopers may move things too fast in some people. Most Supermarket will stock these.


Obviously you don't want these treats to form the back bone of your nutrition plan but they can add some excitement to the day and stop you from eating something that's just empty calories.


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