I’m using Protein powders much less leading into this competition than what I use in the off-season phase. Cooking 5-6 meat meals a day does become tiring and sometimes it’s easier in the off-season just to get my protein in with a shake. With less than 3 weeks to the IFBB NSW titles most of my meals are solid food and only 1 or 2 meals a day containing Protein Powder. Straight after weights I still have a fast acting WPI Protein shake and mid-afternoon at work a 40g serve of Collagen Protein.

Here is a look at the various types of protein to determine which one may be best suited to your own needs 

     1. Whey Proteins (WPI/WPC)

A WPI protein is the fasted absorbing/digesting protein available.  The most beneficial time to use this type of protein is first thing in the morning (after your sleeping, fasting state) and around your training. WPC is slightly slower absorbing the WPI though is ideal for post exercise. WPC is also good for cooking pancakes, muffins, etc as it holds its structure well when heated.

      2. Casein (slow release)

Casein is the main protein found in milk, yogurt and cheese. Like milk, casein curdles when it hits the acid in your stomach and forms a gel like mass. It takes the enzymes a while to break down the gel, causing the amino acids in casein to be slowly released. Casein is ideal  for evening/night-time use and there are some tasty Custard and Cookie Dough Proteins available at the moment.

      3. Weight Gainers 

A combination of carbohydrates and protein designed to increase muscle mass and supply energy. Weight gainers are particularly useful for people with fast metabolisms or manual workers. Definitely not an option for fat loss plans.

       4. Fat Burning Proteins

 Are usually low fat low carb protein powders designed to make you feel full longer. They also contain mild fat burning ingredients that assist in processing stored fat to be used as energy. Very popular with people who normally skip breakfast and are trying to get into better eating habits. 

       5. Collagen Proteins 

 Are popular at the moment and a good alternative to those that don’t tolerate diary based Proteins. Collagen proteins have a great ratio of amino acids when wanting to repair connective tissue like tendons, skin and ligaments. An extra 10-20grams daily of Collagen protein on top of your usual protein quantity may be beneficial in helping to repair joint tissue. 

       6. Vegan Proteins 

This is the fasting growing category in Protein powders atm as people choose to try non-diary protein options. Manufacturers are getting better at improving the flavours which is no easy task as Pea and Rice Protein doesn’t naturally taste like an ice cream thick shake. Funky flavours like blueberry, banana bread or mango add some variety to your day….and protein. 


With so many new great tasting flavours on the market now, Protein powders are something we can look forward to each day while still obtaining quality nutrients. My favourite atm is 1 scoop of MAGIC NUTRITION WHEYTIME mixed with 1 scoop of NEXT GENERATION TRIPLE CHOCOLATE, chocolate toffee heaven, deliscoius! 

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