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BIOFLEX and Bulk Nutrients



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With over 22g of protein per 30g serve and a balanced amino spread, Earth protein is ideal to support your health, fitness and wellbeing. Light on the stomach, with gluten free and allergen free ingredients, there's none of the bloating or heaviness some experience with other protein sources.

Canadian grown Pea Protein combined with Rice and Fava Bean proteins, all components are natural, non GMO and cruelty free, with no animal sourced ingredients to ensure an all vegan, plant based functional protein source. Fava Bean protein is very neutral tasting, blends well and further supports the superior nutritional profile of Earth Protein. It is particularly functional in cooking, so makes a great addition to bolster the protein and nutrition in recipes. We source a proportion of our Fava Bean Protein in Earth Protein from an Australian grown producer.

 Earth Protein® Dosage

30 grams (approximately 1 level scoop) after training for maximum nutritional benefit and muscle growth.

Earth Protein is also great to use in baking or as a low fat/carb snack at any time of day.


Earth Protein can be taken with water, juice, smoothies or any liquid. Generally one scoop is added to 300 - 500mls of liquid. It can also be added to food anytime to boost protein levels.


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