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What is it?  Nutrex Volu-Gro is a Non stimulant intra-workout formula designed to improve athletic performance, increase strength and deliver improved pumps/vascularity while training. Back in the day similar products like Cell-tech, Myocytin and Powertech all packed many a kilo of muscle. In recent years as the masses have become increasingly afraid of carbohydrates these types of products have fallen by the wayside, so it is refreshing to see Nutrex bring back Volu-Gro.

Who Should take it?  Trainers wanting to improve strength and achieve a better pump while working out, without the stims. Ideal for people struggling to increase their muscle mass. This type of product is a no-brainer, anyone serious about Gainz should be squeezing nutrients in during training. Can be used as a non-stimulant Pre-workout as well.

What does it do? Nutrex Volu-Gro forces carbohydrates, electrolytes and creatine into muscles while exercising, resulting in better performance and muscle growth.

Creatine: Your body make creatine to help re-cycle your ATP stores, however you can store more in the muscle with supplementation. After about 5 days of 5g creatine per day your strength should be better and muscles fuller.

Glucose: Glucose is the body’s favourite energy source, will help with a pump and will pull extra water into the muscles. Remember a full muscle is a stronger muscle.

Electrolytes: this blend of Sodium, Potassium and Calcium helps with nutrient uptake, cell volumizing and nerve function. 

How do I take it? 1 serve during exercise on training days only. Non-training days you could take a teaspoon (6grams) of Creatine monohydrate just to keep your muscles saturated in creatine. If you are using it as a non-stimulant pre-workout, simply drink half a serve 15 minutes before training and sip on the other half while you exercise.

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