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KODIAK Attack Pre Workout

KODIAK Attack Pre Workout

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Designed to amplify your workouts with an animalistic approach to performance enhancement and energy generation, Kodiak Sports Attack will have you jumping out of your skin and ready to train at your peak.

Utilising only the best ingredients available on the market today, with no cheap synthetic stimulants that will have you crashing twice as fast as your energy rises, Kodiak Attack maintains complete label transparency and highly effective doses of extremely efficacious ingredients.

Don’t simply go to the gym, ATTACK it!

When you take Attack by Kodiak Sports Nutrition you'll experience:
  • Skin splitting pumps
  • Razor-sharp focus
  • Intensified energy

Just as the name suggests, Kodiak’s pre-workout ATTACK will have you busting through training plateaus and smashing PB’s like never before!

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