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Faction Labs

Faction Labs Disorder

Faction Labs Disorder

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Faction Labs - Disorder 

What is it?  FACTION LABS is a relatively new Australian company though they have been in the industry since Adam was a boy. Their first product out the gate is a super potent pre-workout by the name of DISORDER. With an array of stimulants, pump ingredients and performance enhancers, this is a product for the serious athlete wanting to take their exercise to the next level.  

Who Should take it?  This formula is beneficial in regards to improving focus, energy and a great pump. About the only thing missing is some Creatine for strength but a lot of companies these days leave Creatine out of there formulas because people are still scarred of it. Creatine is cheap and effective, wouldn’t hurt to add a teaspoon into your pre-workout…and pay no attention to the mindless sheep that find it fashionable to avoid it, Creatine works well for strength. Rant over, I feel better now.

What does it do? DISORDER is quite a comprehensive Pre-workout with a good range of ingredients designed to improve focus, training intensity and performance. The usual suspects like Citrulline and Beta-Alanine are here along with 13 other great ingredients. I’ll just focus this article on a few of the more interesting inclusions.

Other than the large amount of caffeine, there are some interesting stimulants included to improve alertness. Hordenine is naturally occurring and derived from barley, while Synephrine is extracted from bitter orange. Both chemicals are very similar in structure and stimulate the central nervous system to improve alertness and performance. Consequently by stimulating the CNS you also get a fat releasing/burning effect.

To compliment the large serve of L-Citruline, DISORDER has a novel anti-oxidant Pterostilbene, derived from blueberries. Research on the health effects of Pterostilbene concentrate mainly on its ability to improve blood pressure via vessel dilation, basically it helps with pump and will also mop up excess free radicals.

How do I take it?  Between ½ to 1 serve should be enough for most people. Adventurous folk do take more than this but run the risk of being over-stimulated and may even start to hear colours. ½ to 1 serve, 20-30 minutes before exercise with a glass of water we think is sufficient for a great workout boost. 

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