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Bronx Wrist Wrap Heavy

Bronx Wrist Wrap Heavy

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Heavy duty material provides the wrap with extra strength and controlled stretch.  Velcro strips afford the wrap a calibration of tightness specific to user preference.  Elasticized thumb loops allow hand attachment – you can fit the wrap high on the wrist for dualised hand and wrist support if you wish.  One size fits all. Colour white with yellow stripes.

The Bronx Medium Wrist Wrap is made in black and comes with the same Velcro adjustments, thumb loops and design focus as the Bronx Heavy Wrist Wrap.  In short – it’s made to assist support and stability just like the heavy duty wrap. 
But it’s intended to appeal to gym enthusiasts who have a taste for a touch of style and comfort.  One size fits all. Colour - all black


Do you want to enjoy wrist support but don’t require the maximum reinforcement afforded by a heavy duty wrap?

The Bronx Light Wrist Wrap again features adjustable tightening and position to support the wrist/hand in a wide variety of exercises.  Thumb loops and Velcro stripped.  This is our our economy wrist wrap that supports the wrist but saves on cost.  One size fits all. Colour White with red stripes

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