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Body Ripped

Body Ripped Arginine Nitrate - GH/N.O. Booster

Body Ripped Arginine Nitrate - GH/N.O. Booster

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First promoted as a Growth Hormone releaser, Arginine has now become more popular for its ability to increase production of the messenger molecule Nitric Oxide.

The key benefit of Nitric Oxide to athletes, is its ability to relax muscle, thereby increasing blood flow to the muscles.

ARGININE NITRATE takes this Nitric Oxide releasing capacity to the next level, with the inclusion of a Nitrate molecule. Nitrates have been shown to improve cardiovascular health due to their own, very potent Nitric Oxide releasing effect.

Ingredients: 100% pure pharmaceutical grade amino acid -L-Arginine Nitrate.

Contains none of the following: Colours, flavours, emulsifiers, or additives. Contains no banned substances.

Contains no animal products or by-products. Gluten free.

Availability: Powder, unflavoured; 100g (50 serves) 

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