Week 10: Benefits of having a Coach

Week 10: Benefits of having a Coach


As some of you may know, recently I have just acquired the services of a contest coach (Josh Lenartowicz) and I am kicking myself as to why I had not done this earlier. I’ll share some of the reasons as to why I had tried to do it mostly by myself and maybe they are some of the same reasons that could be holding you back from racing towards your goals. 

  • I thought by now I should have enough knowledge and dedication that I should be able to do this by myself
  • I thought It would reflect poorly on me as a coach that I had my own coach
  • I Didn’t want to get weekly photos taken. I dislike having my photo taken, I know may be difficult for some of the younger readers to relate with.


Very few people have made progress in any field without a coach or mentor. Most World class athletes and business tycoons have a coach and continue to get coached well after their initial successes. Here are some possible benefits of getting a coach on board with your competition preparation.

  1. Better results in a shorter amount of time. Choose a coach who has already Experienced what you want to achieve.
  2. Faster learning, why make all the same mistakes that other people have already made and learned from?
  3. Become part of a team, most coaches have several competitors at a time, for the most part you are all doing similar things and you can all help each when you get stuck.
  4. Coach will have the objectivity that most people lack when it comes to their own bodies.
  5. Posing especially is something you just can’t learn to do by yourself.
  6. Support and confidence when attempting something new.
  7. Ideas for ways to improve that you may not see - awareness of blind spots in your physique, training, nutrition and mindset.
  8. A Coach will give you the cold truth others may not want to tell you
  9. A Great coach will attend to your mental and physical wellbeing while getting you into your best shape. No point having a great body when your mind and the rest of your life has fallen to pieces!

A skilled coach offers you the opportunity to fast track your learning and the development of your physique. You only get out of this what you put in, It won't work for someone who doesn't have a desire to learn and knuckle down with a strong work ethic. If you have the desire and commitment to achieve something beautiful with your physique and transform your mind and you aren’t being mentored through this process, then PLANETMAX has the resources and expertise to guide you every step of the way.

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