Usually I try to water down my contest preparation routine and present something to you guys that is more relevant to regular gym goers, some aspect of what I do that is practical and useable in your daily schedules. This article however is more for educational purposes and to give you an idea of what contest bodybuilders do in order to achieve extreme levels of  conditioning


The Coach, Josh has decided to ramp things up to ensure fat keeps coming off at a steady rate. This article is more just for educational purposes and give you an idea of what I’ve hanged up this week. In no particular order, here are the adjustments to what was already a busy schedule


  1. Posing Practice Daily – only takes about 15 minutes however you get a great sweat up and it is essential to be able to present your physique properly on stage. Having to do some stretching also to make sure I’m flexible enough to hit some of the poses properly.
  2. Ab training daily – 50 to 100 reps daily for Abs burns a few extra calories (it all adds up) and better control over the abdominal region when posing. Mix things up and do a variety of different Ab exercises. This can even be split up so all 100 reps don’t have to be in the same session.
  3. Extra Glute training – on top of the usual glute work in the leg workout, after every weight training session we are adding in a high rep mini glute and hamstring routine (I’ll outline the full routine in next week’s blog article).
  4. Extra 20 minutes cardio after every weights session. This is on top of the hour cardio at night.
  5. Cardio at night increased to 60 minutes
  6. Reduction in Carbs/Calories. Carbs on cardio only days have dropped down to 80 grams per day, while on weights days I get to ingest a massive 130 grams of carbohydrates a day. To put this in context the off season maintenance carbohydrates are between 450-500 grams per day. I’m hungry but this is what needs to be done.


 With a little extra planning I’ve incorporated all these adjustments in the plan and in just 3 days the results have been quite noticeable. Next week we’ll go through the new Glute Routine.


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