We are going to dive right in and show you some of the options for getting a great workout at home while the gyms are all locked down. Some of you already have great little home gyms with quite an array of weights, benches, pull-downs, etc. and good for you. Most however have nothing or just a set of dumbbells, a barbell and a bench. I ‘m going to encourage everyone who has no equipment to purchase/borrow a set of dumbbells and a bench as I consider this to be the bare minimum if you want to continue to make progress.

 I’ll be putting up a series of videos/blogs in the next few weeks outlining different workouts with just dumbbells and a bench. If you have more options available to you by all means use them, I’m just focusing on the bare minimum to start off with to high light how you can still get a great workout.

 Bare Minimum

  • An adjustable incline bench, if it is a flat bench you can easily prop up one end to make a shallow incline.
  • A set of Dumbbells. The adjustable sets with little plates and collars are very practical. Ill be using 6kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg fixed dumbbells as that what I currently have. I might invest in more if the Corona shutdowns last a long time.

 Next Level Up

  • I also have a half power rack useful for benching and squats
  • I have an Olympic bar with limited bumper plates. If you already have dumbbells and are thinking of buying more gear, a barbell and plates are a great investment.
  • I have a few power bands that attach to the power rack that allow for some alternative exercises, will do a short video on auxiliary Band exercises down the track in a future blog.

  If you don’t have some Dumbbells grab some from a local sports store, gum tree, K-mart, your Uncle Freddy, anywhere. They don’t have to be super heavy if you are on a budget, Last week I did a 200 rep Bicep workout with a pair of 6kg Dumbbells and they were sore for days. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

 In the next Blog we will go through a simple but challenging Dumbbell workout. Stay safe.

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