09:  FAT BURNERS – Time to ramp things up

09: FAT BURNERS – Time to ramp things up

Notice how it’s week 9 of the Contest Preparation blog and this is the first time we are going to talk about Fat burning Products? Everyone wanting to shed some winter blubber should be able to for at least the first month without having to call on Fat burning Supplements. Good exercise and sound nutrition on a daily basis will produce great results for most people without having to use supplements straight away..

However the extremely low body-fat levels needed to compete at the IFBB Nationals takes me out of the most people basket. Diet and Nutrition have stripped 8 kg of lard off me in the past 8 weeks, now it is time to introduce some supplements and ensure that the stubborn pockets of fat are removed as well.  

I’m using a 3 pronged approach to insure I get shredded and also maintain a healthy metabolism/body/mind. No point winning a trophy if I’m going to be a lethargic, unhealthy cranky pain in the arse for the next 20 weeks! 


1: Traditional Hardcore Fat burner: for maximum fat burning Adrenaline is your best friend. Not only will Adrenaline give you more energy, but it signals fat cells to release stored fat for energy. The Stimulant based fat burners work best early in the day to boost metabolism and get the fat burning process off to a good start. First thing in the morning before cardio works best for me. BPMLABS ANNIHILATE is the product I’m using at the moment. You may have to break the capsule open and just use half because it s very strong.

2: Non-Stimulant Fat Burner: Adrenaline is not the only mechanism by which the body releases and processes stored fat. Particularly in late afternoon and early evening there is a great opportunity to continue to burn the fats without dumping more stimulants into my system. MUSCLESPORT CARNITINE has a nice blend of 3 types of L-Carnitine to keep All the cells in my body processing fat for energy. Has no Caffeine, No stimulants.

3: Anti-Cortisol Sleeping Aid: The downside of Extra Adrenaline is that it tends to raise Cortisol levels up to a level that may be detrimental to retaining muscle mass and may interfere with a decent night’s sleep. Both sleep and retaining muscle are of prime importance so the fat burning Adrenaline and cortisol combo needs to be bought back into line by early evening. The herb Ashwagandha is becoming extremely popular and for good reason. There are a lot of quality studies showing it to be super effective in reducing Cortisol and reducing stress. 1 capsule of BULK NUTRIENTS ASHWAGANDA before bed and I sleep like a baby. 


By having this balanced 3 pronged approach we should be able to keep the fat coming off at a steady rate, time to see some abdominals!

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