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YUM Natural Almond Protein

YUM Natural Almond Protein

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This innovative protein powder is made with nourishing almonds, faba bean concentrate, MCT oil and the amino acid L-lysine. Enjoy a protein powder that keeps you fuller for longer and supports the repair and recovery of your hard-working muscles. 

Almond Protein by Yum Natural is a plant-based, creamy and rich protein powder that will help you go where you want to go in your body composition journey. It can be hard to get enough protein in a plant-based diet. Make it easier on yourself, with the Almond Protein by Yum Natural. Not only is it delicious, you'll have the extra edge on your fitness goals!

Most vegan protein powders contain pea and rice, which can be hard to digest. If you feel a little heavy after having some plant proteins, you’re going to enjoy drinking the Almond Protein by Yum Natural! It is made without rice and pea - you're getting the benefits of healthy almonds and faba bean instead, for a wide amino acid spectrum that your gut will love. 

When you have Almond Protein by Yum Natural, you’ll:
  • Have a protein that is vegan-friendly
  • Support gut health
  • Have a way to aid the repair and recovery of your muscles
  • Meet protein requirements during the day
  • Have a delicious snack to keep you fuller for longer
  • Support energy production with MCT
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