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PerformaX Labs

PerformaX Labs Hypermax Extreme

PerformaX Labs Hypermax Extreme

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What is it?  PERFORMAX HYPERMAX is a great new pre-workout that ticks all the boxes no matter what type of exercise you are in to. Improved mood, cognition, pump, endurance and performance are all covered in this formula, the only thing missing is some creatine for added strength.

Who should take it? This is a good All-rounder and will suit males and females that are looking to improve whatever type of sport or exercise that they perform. Beginners can start with 1 scoop and still be satisfied that there are enough of the non-stimulant ingredients in there to do the job. Advanced trainers can try 2 scoops and push their training to new intensity levels.

For team sports such as AFL, Rugby, Hockey and Basketball, split your desired dosage (1 scoop or 2) up by consuming half 30 minutes before the game and the other half at hard time to keep you going.

What does it do? PERFORMAX HPERMAX is designed to improve almost every facet of your sporting or gym endeavours. Let’s break it down

Performance: Beta Alanine, Taurine and Betaine are 3 tried and true ingredients that will improve lactic acid clearance and overall performance of cell membranes (including your muscle cells).

Pump: A nice dose of Citrulline here that would probably be enough by itself. The Addition of the green tea Vaso 6 extract will guarantee that you get the best possible pump in the gym.

Energy: Caffiene and Eria Jarensis give this formula it’s wings. If you aren’t chomping at the bit ready to go after you have taken HyperMax then you may be in a coma. Be prepared for a surge of energy and motivation. The inclusion of L-Tyrosine will help reduce or eliminate the crash you tend to feel after a large burst of strong pre-workout.

Mood: Performax have been careful with their choice of stimulant compounds as there is no point being energised and anxious. The Eria Jarensis and Theobroma extract help impart a sense of well being and makes it easier to focus with all that caffeine surging through your viens.

How do I take it?  Males will require between 1 to 2 scoops in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise, while most women will only need 1 a scoop to get a great pre-workout boost.

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