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Killer Labs

KILLER LABZ Terminator Test

KILLER LABZ Terminator Test

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What is it?  KILLER LABZ have some great products in their range to boost hormonal production and increase muscle mass and TERMINATOR TEST is their flagship Testosterone amplifier. By improving the ratios of anabolic to catabolic processes in the body, TERMINATOR TEST will allow better recovery from your gruelling gym sessions and lead to accelerated gains in muscle.

Who Should take it?  Testosterone boosters are generally used by males to increase the male hormone testosterone. While the female body makes small amounts of testosterone, most female athletes tend to give Test Boosters a miss. Because the ingredients in TERMINATOR TEST work on reducing cortisol and fortifying growth hormone (not just boosting testosterone) not only does this formula work better for males, it also produces a noticeable improvement for the ladies. People under the age of 25 may not notice much of an improvement in performance unless they are training twice a day.

What does it do? KILLER LABZ TERMINATOR TEST is designed primarily to increase muscle mass and does so by favourably altering the ratio of Anabolic to Catabolic hormones in your body.

The first Testosterone boosting ingredient is the tried and true Tribulus , which increases Luteinizing hormone and consequently testosterone.

Icarian is the active ingredient in Horny Goat weed and has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac. Western medicine has shown that it does help with nitric oxide production and will increase testosterone levels in tested rats.

Next weird ingredient you probably haven’t heard off, Dehydroabietic acid. This ingredient is readily found in tree resin and noticeably reduces Estrogen in Fish (very good if your fish are getting man-boobs). While it doesn’t seem to be as potent in humans to the same degree, it will still partially block the Estrogen receptors. This will help with fat loss and may trick the body into producing some more Testosterone.

Macuna Puriens assist with increasing Growth Hormone secretion. Extra growth hormone will lead to a leaner physique and faster repair to joints, ligaments and tendons. Joints don’t tend to repair as quickly as muscles, so an extra boost to joint health is always a good thing.

Finally, a descent amount of Vitamin D3 has been added to ramp up anabolism. Technically Vitamin D is a sex hormone and has receptor on muscle cells similar to Testosterone.

How do I take it? 3 capsules per day with food. 2 capsules with breakfast and another capsules with dinner will do the job nicely. Women can drop the morning serve down to just a single capsule
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