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KILLER LABZ Executioner
KILLER LABZ Executioner

KILLER LABZ Executioner

Killer Labs
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What is it?  KILLER LABZ have a ridiculously strong high stimulant pre-workout called the EXECUTIONER. This is even stronger than the previous pre-workout, DESTROYER. It will definitely give you an added boost in the gym…if you don’t take too much.

Who should take it? This is a strong pre-workout that is best suited to those with some long term experience with pre-workouts.  People under 80 kg, and those people who want to keep their stimulant levels in the sensible range will have to take a reduced dose of EXECUTIONER to avoid being over-stimulated.

Only take enough pre-workout to get the job done properly. For team sports such as AFL, Rugby, Hockey and Basketball, half a serve will be plenty.

What does it do? KILLER LABZ EXECUTIONER has a Stimulant backbone though they have added a few other ingredients to improve performance.

High Stimulants: has a whopping dose of 400mg of caffeine, 100mg of Di-Caffeine malate (time released) along with 250mg of Eria Jerensis If that was enough stims there is also some N-Methyl-Tyramine and Synephrine. This is a big kick in the pants and nervous system so again, use caution with dosing.

Improved Endurance: There is a decent dose of 2500mg of beta-alanine here to reduce lactic acid and improve your endurance, this dosage can cause the famous Beta-Alanine itch that will usually subside after about 10 minutes in most people.  

Improved Performance: 2000mg of Betaine and 1000mg of Taurine help improve cell function and performance

Pump: the patented vegetable/fruit extract product S7 has been included for a pump. By itself I think it is a little mild and would work better if they added 3-4 grams of L-Citrulline with it. Probably won’t matter as you will be that high on the stim component you won’t notice.

How do I take it?  Males will require between ½  to 1 scoop in 200mls of water 20-30 minutes before exercise, while most women will only need ½ a scoop to get a great pre-workout boost. There are some super woman types out there that can kick the average males butt , so they can probably handle the full scoop.

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