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What is it?  KILLER LABZ EPISTROL is a natural Myostatin Gene Inhibitor that makes it easier for the genetically average to build some muscle. Myostatin is a gene that stops the body from putting on too much muscle (too much muscle means too much food needed and survival becomes an issue for the species). Genetically gifted muscular people tend not to express this gene as much as us regular folk, giving them an advantage in gaining muscle mass. Finally, we have a replacement for the much loved Wicked Supps Epic Gainz!  

Who Should take it?  Anybody wanting to increase muscle mass while getting leaner will benefit from taking EPISTROL. That pretty much covers 90% of the fitness population, males and females.

What does it do?  The main ingredient in Epistrol is the Myostatin Inhibitor, Epicatechin. Epicatechin is an extract out of Green Tea and will help the genetically average increase muscle mass faster. Epicatechin works quickly and within the first 2 days your muscles will start to draw in more water, aminos and carbohydrates.

This formula is not however a one trick pony. KILLER LABZ have included a sizeable dose of the Theobroma Cacao extract, N-Coumaroyldopamine. This is a really cool fat burner as it is more specific in binding to Adrenaline receptors and far less likely to cause unwanted side-effects like increased heart rate.

 With the Myostatin gene dulled down and your fat burning ramped up you should be able to notice some rapid improvements to your physique.

 How do I take it? 1 capsule (serving) in the morning followed up with another serve in the evening. Each bottle has enough servings for a month. Females can use between 1-2 serves per day while larger males will require an extra serve, 3 caps daily. EPISTROLl can be taken for 3-6 months, although positive results should
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