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What is it?  KILLER LABZ BRUTE BCAA has the regular ingredients you would expect from a BCAA / Intra workout formula, however it also has 2 extra ingredients you only get in Test booster/muscle gain products. So you will still get all the recovery and performance benefits along with a serious boost to recovery and muscle growth.

Who Should take it?  The regular BCAA slurping crowd will still benefit from BRUTE BCAA with improved recovery and performance from exercise.

Athletes trying to push their body to the limits have just found themselves a new intra-workout formula as no other product on the market has a Myostatin inhibitor coupled with a mild anabolic. Destination Gainz town.

 What does it do? BRUTE BCAA is designed to perform three main functions

  • Supply BCAA to exercising muscles to prevent working muscles being broken down for energy production.

  • Epicatechin, while being an effective Myostatin gene inhibitor, also Improves performance by providing better blood flow to the working muscles. A good pump not only provides more nutrients to working muscles, it also helps remove lactic acid and other waste products at a faster rate. Genetically gifted athletes have the advantage of lower Myostatin levels, the green tea extract Epicatechin has been shown to reduce Myostatin levels and help the “Not so gifted” catch up to the elite.

  • Laxogenin is a mild plant derived anabolic ingredient that will promote an increase in muscle mass while modulating cortisol levels.

Throw in some glutamine and taurine and you have a very effective intra- workout BCAA formula.

How do I take it? One scoop KILLER LABZ BRUTE BCAA during exercise sessions should be sufficient to speed up the recovery process. With 4 tasty flavours to choose from, serious health enthusiasts and athletes should be swapping their BCAA formula over to KILLER LABZ BRUTE BCAA.

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