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Gen Tec

GEN TEC Protein Casein Custard

GEN TEC Protein Casein Custard

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Gen-Tec’s Casein custard is designed on the basis that the different digesting properties of proteins determine the fate of whole body protein metabolism. Therefore, this product is designed to give cutting edge results for use as a night time protein source and recovery meal following intense exercise. The slow digesting nature of Casein custard allows more amino acids to be available for anabolic use by the muscles in the periphery (skeletal muscle) rather than be broken down and excreted at a faster rate.

In addition this product contains high levels of naturally occurring Glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) which assists with muscle recovery and repair from hard training. Research indicates that casein proteins strongly inhibit muscle protein breakdown whilst providing a sustained positive nitrogen balance (muscle growth) over a 7 hour fast. This makes the Casein custard an ideal product for use prior to sleep.

Casein custard is also fortified with therapeutic grade Colostrum with a guaranteed minimum of 35% immunoglobulin G. Colostrum increases gastrointestinal integrity, immune function and recovery from intense exercise. Research has shown that Colostrum decreased upper respiratory tract reports for infectious symptoms by 50% more than a placebo. It has also has been universally reported to provide an enhancement in anaerobic performance and may assist with the increase of mucosal Immunoglobulin A which supports mucosal immunity from infections due to intense exercise.

Amongst all the scientifically proven benefits behind this unique blend of nutrients, the product also mixes into a dessert custard, providing the perfect night time dessert with an array of muscle building and health benefits.
In summary, Casein custard provides a multifaceted approach to improving muscle growth, preventing muscle breakdown, supporting immune function and improving recovery from intense exercise. This is achieved by the unique blend of high quality Casein, high levels of Glutamine, BCAA and Colostrum.

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