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DAYONE DRIVE Insulin/Glucose Manipulation

What is it?  DAYONE DRIVE is a product designed to re-partition carbohydrates for the purpose of positively affecting body composition. Basically, it helps transport carbohydrates into the muscles quickly, before the liver decides that there is too much glucose in the blood and converts some of it to fat for storage.

Who Should take it?  This is a dual purpose product, great for people bulking or dieting. Because the formula shuttles carbohydrates into the muscles quickly it is suitable for those dieting that mainly have carbohydrates around training. Carbs around training will assist with strength and a good pump. By clearing out carbs soon after training the body will be more likely to start tapping into body fat stores for the rest of the day. Alternatively, those looking to bulk up could benefit from DRIVE as they are less likely to store fat during the excess calorie /bulking phase. A quality bulking phase should be about adding muscle, not piling on an extra 8kg of lard just to make the scales register more.

What does it do? DAYONE DRIVE helps shuttle glucose into muscle through 3 different mechanisms

  • Ingredients such as Cinnamon, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Banaba leaf Extract and Berberine help sensitise the insulin receptors on the glucose transporters of each muscle. Sensitive receptors translate to less insulin needed to get the job done, which is a very good thing for long term health as well.
  • Digestive enzymes help digest/process ingested carbohydrates faster for uptake into the blood. No point having faster uptake at the muscle receptor if the digestive system isn’t operating faster too.
  • Finally, the mineral Vanadyl Sulphate actually mimics the action of Insulin in the body, shuttling extra glucose into muscles by itself.

How do I take it?  There are 2 ways to take DRIVE, depending on whether you are bulking or Dieting. The manufacture recommends taking 4 capsules twice daily just before carbohydrate meals. For the 2nd method follow the link to Ewan’s Blog on Glucose Disposal Tricks.

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