How to build some Quality Abdominals

How to build some Quality Abdominals

It isn’t enough to simply shred all that stubborn fat off your mid-section, you need to actually have some abdominal thickness to have a truly impressive mid-section. There are 3 possible pathways you can travel to become the owner of an impressive midsection.

  1. Be born with them, damn genetic freaks!
  2. Train heavy for 15 years and end up with impressive abs from all the stabilizing required from heavy squatting, shoulder press, etc
  3. Train your abs hard twice a week

I’ll assume you will be requiring the third option, so let’s get stuck into a great abdominal routine that has been getting excellent results for our Planet Max 8 Week Challenge  clients.

The Abdominals are a muscle, much like the rest of your muscles and we will not be training them with a million reps. Squeeze the abdominals each rep, hold the contraction the same way you would with biceps or chest training.  

Side Crunches 20-30 seconds 3 x 12
Hanging leg raises 20-30 seconds 3 x 12
Weighted Cable crunches 20-30 seconds 3 x 12
  • Side crunches ensure that the obliques and intercostals get some work.
  • Hanging leg raise work the whole abdominal wall, some supporting muscles underneath the lower section of the abs also come into play
  • Rounding out this routine we will be doing some weighted crunches to add some thickness to your abs. Hold each contraction and take your time.

Assuming you have your body-fat levels low enough in the first place, after a few months this routine will add some nice thickness and detail to your abdominals.


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