GLUTE TRAINING - Too much of a Good thing?

GLUTE TRAINING - Too much of a Good thing?

With glute training being very popular at the moment, particularly with young ladies, what is the maximum amount of glute/leg weight training sessions you can do each week without over-training?

More importantly, what is the ideal amount of Glute and lower body training that will take you to your goals in the fastest time versus, how many sessions per week are counter-productive?

While research and opinion seem to vary wildly on the frequency of exercise sessions, there are some variables that need to be considered before YOU decide how often you train your glutes and leg muscles.

  1. Let’s be honest, how hard are you really training? Are you going through the motions or are you training so hard that you can’t walk properly for 5-6 days? We will run with the premise that it is only wise to train once that body part has recovered, so if you can’t sit down on the toilet properly for 5-6 days then reason would dictate that you are only training legs once per week.
  2. Ability to recover is going to vary wildly between different people due to genetics and lifestyle. It is not difficult to imagine that a person with a job and 3 children may not recover as fast as a person who still is still living at home with no bills to worry about.
  3. Age is going to determine recovery rate as well, you need to be honest with yourself, you don’t bounce back as quickly over 40 compared to when you were a teenager.
  4. When it comes to glute and leg weight training sessions per week, it's important to consider other variables such as sleep quality, nutrition and supplementation.
  5. One last thing to consider for recovery ability, what other techniques do you use to improve recovery such as massage, stretching, saunas and cold/warm baths.


As you can see, there are quite a few variables that are going to determine what amount of lower body/glute sessions per week is going to serve you best. Personally, I can split quads and hamstrings/glutes up and do 2 lower body sessions per week. Boris is getting results at 3 lower body sessions per week and you my friends will have to experiment for yourselves.

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