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Ewan's Epic Calves Routine

I have been training calves 3 times per week for the past month in an effort to bring them into line with my quads and I’m quite happy with the results. Usually training a body part 3 times per week is a sure-fire method to over-training and shrinkage (not down there, further down….calves).  However, by alternating between the two calf muscles each work out good results can be achieved.

The two main calf muscles are the Gastrocnemius and the Soleus. The Gastrocnemius works maximally when the leg is straight and the Soleus when the leg is bent at 90 degrees. In everyday life the leg is continually varying between these two extremes and the calf muscles work together. For our purposes however we will train them separately.

Calf Routine 1: Gastrocnemius

Standing Calf raise Smith Machine  – 3 x 8   reps (heavy)

Toe Presses on Leg Press – 3 x 12 reps (hold in contracted position for 3-5 seconds)

Calf Routine 2: Soleus

Seated Calf raise Machine – 3 x 8   reps (heavy)

Seated Calf Raise with Barbell – 3 x 12 reps (rest a barbell on your thighs, perform full reps and hold in contracted position for 3-5 seconds)

I perform calf routine 1, followed by a rest day, perform routine 2, another rest day for calves, then repeat the cycle. By splitting them up this way each muscle still has time to recover and grow!

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