Big Strong Back Routine

Big Strong Back Routine

This month we are looking at creating a bigger and stronger back. Add this 4-week program in to your current workout routine to really blast your back and promote some serious new growth. We are going to alternate two styles of workout to ensure we work the back from every possible angle! 

The first style of training is going to be some old school basic movements with low reps. Nothing too fancy, reps are low so the weights are going to be relatively heavy. Just make sure form doesn’t suffer, the weight should be heavy enough to fail around the 6 rep mark.

Weeks 1 & 3

Exercise Sets     Reps     Rest
Deadlift 3 6 90 sec
T-Bar Row 3 6 90 sec
Seated Cable Row 3 6 90 sec
Front Pulldown 3 6 90 sec
Abs/Low Back
Plank 3 6 45 sec
Weighted Crunch 3 6 45 sec
Back-Extension Machine 3 6 45 sec

The second style of training is going to be slightly lighter, with an emphasis on getting a great pump. Reps are in the 8-10 range so the weight should still be relatively heavy.

Weeks 2 & 4

Exercise           Sets            Reps             Rest   
Pull-Up           4      8-10         60sec
Rack Pull           3      8-10         60sec
Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row           4      8-10         60sec
Machine Row (wide overhand grip)           4      8-10         60sec
Two-Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row           3      8-10         60sec
-superset with-
Straight-Arm Pulldown           3      8-10         60sec
Abs/Low Back
Machine Crunch           3      8-10         45sec
Back Extension           3      8-10         45sec

While this is a 4 week program, the cyclic nature of the plan means it should take longer before you start to plateau. You can make great progress running this back routine for 2-3 months. 

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