Biceps: Increasing Length and Peak

Biceps: Increasing Length and Peak

Bottom line is that without surgery you cannot change the peak or fill in the gap near your elbow. The great news is you don’t have to; we can just focus on making whatever shape you have BIGGER.

Preacher curls are the number 1 exercise supposed to increase the length of your bicep, this is total rubbish. Preacher curls however can be a great exercise for adding mass to the biceps, so we have slotted them in as the second exercise after the big Daddy Barbell curls.

Hammer curls also activate the Brachialis muscle (that sits in underneath the bicep) and is probably going to be the closest tool we have to a Peak Builder. By increasing the size of the Brachialis then the biceps will be pushed up a fraction higher, technically adding to whatever peak you were born with.

Forearms seem to go quite well with bicep exercises. Plus, we don’t want huge guns and skeleton forearms, not a good look.

Bicep Growth Routine

Warm-up sets     3 x 15-20
Barbell Curls 2:0:2 Straight sets 3 x 6
Preacher Curls 2:0:2 Straight sets 3 x 12
Hammer Curls 2:0:2 Straight sets 3 x 18
Dumbbell wrist curls 2:0:2 Straight sets 3 x 12


The last thing of note on this routine is the change in rep ranges. This ensures that all the different fibre types capable of growth get stimulated in the routine. Biceps are a relatively small body part, if you can’t trash them in 9 sets then your intensity is not sufficient. If you can knock out the routine in less than 9 sets, then even better. When you perform all your exercise with intensity and strict form, then 6 to 9 sets will be plenty.

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