Which CARBOHYDRATE POWDER is best for Me?

Which CARBOHYDRATE POWDER is best for Me?

Carbohydrate powders can be a great way to increase energy and performance in both Endurance events (jogging, swimming, cycling, football, basketball, etc) or strength-based sports such as powerlifting, cross-fit or Bodybuilding. While wholefood sources of carbohydrates such as potatoes, oats, fruit, rice and pasta are great ways to load your muscles full of glucose, they aren’t very practical just before or during a sports event. This is when carbohydrate powders can be used to increase your personal bests.

Not all Carbohydrate formulas are the same, so we are going to road test 4 of our best-selling products to see which one is going to match up with your personal needs.


Vitargo is top of the line as far as carbohydrate formulas go and does cost a little bit more than some of the other Carb powders we stock. If you are looking to squeeze the absolute best out of every gym/rowing/running/etc session, then VITARGO is the carb powder for you.  VITARGO is a fast absorbing, easily digested carbohydrate powder. It is a high molecular weight carbohydrate that is made from barley. It has a different structure to other High Molecular weight carbs like Waxy maize and it is due to this structure that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream so quickly.

Vitargo has been tested in published University studies to move through the stomach more than twice as fast as the carbohydrates (e.g. maltodextrin and sugars) found in other sport drinks and powders. It only takes 10 minutes after ingestion to start entering the bloodstream ready for use. Best Suited to: Serious athlete.

BULK NUTRIENTS GSORTS-FUEL 101 is a more than just a Carb formula, it would be more accurate to call it a carbohydrate based intra-workout. With 2 cracking flavours, berry or tropical, this is a great addition to your pr-workout OR as a stand-alone intra-workout drink. Ingredients include Hydrolysed Collagen Protein for joint health and muscle recovery, L-Citrulline for blood flow, Carbs for energy and Electrolytes to reduce cramping.  Best Suited to: Sports enthusiast and Gym goers

GEN-TEC PURE CARBS is a blend of 85% maltodextrin with the remaining 15% a mixture of Glucose and Fructose. This ratio was used by a famous strength coach back in the late 90’s with good success. Gen Tec have improved this blend with the addition of Chromium picolinate. Doesn’t have any flavour so it mixes in nicely with Pre-workouts, BCAA and your favourite protein powder. Best Suited to: Sports Enthusiast and Gym goers.

BULK NUTRIENTS DEXTROSE is basically just glucose and is a great source of readily available energy. Not well suited to people struggling with weight loss. It is however great for people looking to increase size, improve strength or needing extra energy for sports and endurance exercise. During exercise this is a great energy source, just don’t take huge amounts of Dextrose and expect to stay lean.  Best suited to: Power Lifters, Anyone with a fast metabolism or a high workload in the gym 


While there is a lot of over-laps between the various carb powders, there are some slight differences that do make each product better suited to different sports/athletes. Talk to the PLANETMAX staff to choose the correct product for your own needs.

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