Strengthening your Immune system

Strengthening your Immune system

With society in disarray and the entire World economy/way of living grounding to a halt, many folks are looking to practical ways to improve their Immune system in case they contract the Corona Virus. Your immune system however is a complex and beautiful thing that operates on many levels. Simply swallowing an extra pill of this herb or that vitamin is not going to cut it. Lets look what really works in regard to lifestyle and supplementation.

Most “Immune system Booster” these days are just antioxidant blends. These are great for over-all health, don’t stop using them, however antioxidants don’t directly help your immune system. So, what can we do to directly positively influence our Immune systems? Fortunately, I have waded through the journals and distilled what actually works into 3 easy to apply tips.

Tip 1. Cortisol Reduction - small burst of cortisol (when there is actually a present danger) can slightly boost your immune system. However, most people in the western world generally swim in a stress induced Cortisol Ocean that impairs every function in your body including the functioning of your immune system. High Cortisol prevents proliferation of T-cells by rendering the interleukin-2 producer T-cells unresponsive to interleukin-1 (IL-1), and unable to produce the T-cell growth factor (IL-2). I know, I don’t fully understand that last sentence except the bit about your T cells not working properly. Bottom line is we need to stress less.  Meditate, learn NLP and perform regular moderate exercise.

Reset Nutrition Adrenals (with Ashwaganda, Curcimum, Holy Basil) help reduce cortisol and allow your T-Cells to do their thing. This product is designed to re-normalise your body’s natural release pattern of cortisol production (high first thing upon waking and lower throughout the rest of the day and evening). Sleep will be improved particularly with those who drink too much coffee.

Tip 2. Digestive Health – The good bacteria in your gut interact with the B Cells of your immune system (located in the wall of your intestine) and can help with anti-body release into the intestines. This means that by having a varied range of good bacteria in your gut from a long standing habit of healthy nutrition your immune system in your gut (up to 70% of your immune system cells are in your gut) you will have the best chance of mounting a successful response to viruses.

Obviously long-term healthy eating habits are your foundation for good gut health. To help boost the function and health of your digestive system we can add products like Barleans Greens to a breakfast smoothie or post exercise protein shake. With added fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, your whole body will benefit. Suitable for vegans and the chocolate taste (cocoa processed with Alkali) makes this taste much better than most greens formulas.

Tip 3. Overall Health – The strength of your Immune system lies in its ability to detect invaders (virus in this case), mount a response then return to normal as quickly as possible. Our ability to mount a quick response depends mostly on our general health. Arguably the biggest contributor to good overall health is a balanced diet containing quality proteins, fats, fruits, vegetables and complex carbs. Small balanced meals of fresh food regularly spaced out throughout the day is still the best way for most people to maintain constant energy levels and stay healthy.

There you have it. I can’t guarantee you won’t catch a virus this winter however, if your Immune system is vibrant and functioning at 100% then your chances of a successful outcome are greatly improved. Click below to purchase the Immune System Booster Supplement Pack.


Stay safe and Take it to the Max!

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