What is it?  PERFORMAX MASS MAX is all-natural Anabolic complex that does not alter your hormones, yet still delivers an increase in muscle mass. The main ingredient in this formula is the Myostatin Gene Inhibitor, Epicatechin. Regular readers of our articles know how much we love Epicatechin here at Planet Max as it makes it easier for genetically average people to build some muscle. With a few other new ingredients thrown into this formula, new muscle Gainz are a comin’.

Who Should take it?  Because it is non-hormonal, both males and females who are looking to increase muscle mass will benefit from supplementing with MASS MAX.

What does it do?  MASS MAX has a 3-pronged attack plan with the main player being the Myostatin Inhibitor, Epicatechin. Epicatechin is an extract out of Green Tea that will help the genetically average increase muscle mass faster. It is our experience that those who are already jacked don’t seem to notice much from Epicatechin while those who struggle to make muscular gainz benefit greatly from Epicatechin supplementation. Epicatechin works quickly, with muscles feeling fuller in just a couple of days.

Ecdysterones have been around for a few decades now with mixed reviews. They are Insect Steroids that don’t seem to come with the side effects of the human steroids. Generally, dosage has been an issue with similar products of the past, PERFORMAX have increased the dosage to a level they claim will actually work!

The third prong of this Non-hormonal Mass stack are the relatively new ingredients, Methyl Palmitate and Methyl Oleate. Both of these are derived from Drone Bee milk which has some promising studies done on rats where testosterone levels increased markedly in just 10 days. A few human studies would be good though.

Bottom line so far for this product, the Epicatechin is worth the price of admission alone and the other ingredients are basically just a nice bonus. While natural Testosterone boosting products need to be cycled, MASS MAX can be used for months without a break. The Non-hormonal aspect of this product make it a great choice when you are in your “Off” phase from testosterone boosters.

How do I take it?  4 capsules (serving) in the morning. Each bottle has enough servings for a month. Females can use between 2-3 capsules day while larger males will require an extra capsule or 2. MASS MAX can be taken for 5-6 months, although positive results should be seen in the first week. One of the side benefits of all Epicatechin products is it’s ability to assist with a pump. Alternatively, you can take your dosage 30-40 minutes before a workout.

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