What is it?  LEGIT SUPPS have a stimulant and a stimulant free version of their PUMP pre-workout. Stimulant free pre-workouts are becoming more popular, particularly for those exercising at night so we are going to review the Stim free version today. This formula has all the goodies you will need for improved endurance, pump, performance and hydration, all without any caffeine.

Who Should take it?  LEGIT PUMP is made for anyone wanting to in improve performance during exercise. Those who exercise at night or who are sensitive to caffeine will find LEGIT PUMP to be a great pre-workout addition. Great for people wanting to get off Caffeine altogether or simply have a break for a few months.

Also, a useful product for those that want to add it in on top of their regular pre-workout formula to really increase the Pump. During dieting phases when carbohydrates and pumps are low this can be a good technique to use to maintain blood flow to working muscles and ultimately maintain muscle mass.

What does it do?  This formula is mostly a Pump product with a little bit of endurance and performance ingredients thrown in for good measure.

Pump : With 5 different pump ingredients, you should be Mega Swole when supplementing LEGIT PUMP.

  • 5 grams of Citrulline Malate will promote increased Nitric Oxide levels and is probably enough in itself for a great pump, but LEGIT know it is a skin splitting pump you are after
  • 1 gram of Agmatine is actually a big dose, especially considering how expensive this ingredient is, most companies usually skimp. Agmatine promotes nitric oxide production but through a different chemical pathway than regular Arginine.
  • 250mg Norvaline helps maintain Arginine levels in the blood….more nitric Oxide
  • Arginine AKG provides a steady release of Arginine, you guessed it, more Nitric Oxide
  • Grape seed extract has a few health benefits including healthier skin as well as increased Nitric Oxide production. If all this doesn’t help with blood flow, then you may be deceased already.

Taurine: Energy production via improved cell membrane function and stability. Every cell in your body functioning better!

Himalayan Pink Salt: mostly sodium which will temporarily increase blood pressure and Pump.

Beta-Alanine at 3200mg may make you a little itchy at first but will kick in fast to reduce lactic acid. Probably more beneficial to endurance athletes, however it is still a noticeable improvement on endurance during a weight training session.

 How do I take it?  Between 1 scoop to 2 scoops should be enough for most people.  I have been dumping half a regular pre-workout in with 1 scoop of LEGIT PUMP. This gives me half the stimulants but the full array of Pump and endurance ingredients.  


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