KODIAK ATTACK serious Pre-training Igniter

KODIAK ATTACK serious Pre-training Igniter

What is it?  KODIAK ATTACK is a new super potent pre-workout by Kodiak Sports Nutrition based in the US of A. This “Animalistic Pre-training Amplifier has a great blend of ingredients to improve energy, performance, focus and the all-important pump.   

Who Should take it?  As with most Kodiak products this pre-workout was designed for the person who wants to really squeeze the most out of there exercise program. The formula focuses on improving endurance, blood flow to muscles and energy levels. Like a lot of modern pre-workouts however there is no Creatine for strength. While Creatine is cheap and easily added to your favourite pre-workout, I wish manufacturers would start putting arguably the most effective ingredient back into their products.

What does it do? Kodiak Attack has got enough stims for a rave and not just a big caffeine hit. Caffeine is covered with regular and the time released version. Eria Jerensis, Hyperzine and CDP-Choline round out the mental clarity/focus side of this formula. The CDP Choline is an interesting ingredient as it helps with protecting your neurons from long term degradation. This should translate to better memory and motor function as we age though the dosage here is a bit under done to get the full benefits. 

Now for the performance side of the equation. Kodiak Attack has the standard 3 gram serve of Beta-Alanine for lactic acid reduction. Holding Lactic acid fatigue back for an extra 15 minutes is obviously going to allow for a big increase in workload. Citrulline Malate, Agmatine and some Ornithine contribute to quite a nice pump and lets be honest, who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being pumped. 

How do I take it?  1 scoop is a single serve and will be plenty for seasoned gym goers. I know I say this a lot but the modern day pre-workouts are super strong so there is no shame in just taking a half serve to test the waters.  ½ to 1 scoop, 20-30 minutes before exercise with a glass of water.

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