What is it?  FACTION LABS 100% WHEY is the long-awaited protein powder from FACTION LABS, a great addition to their quality range of sports supplements. FACTION LABS 100% Whey is a 55:45 blend of fast acting Whey Protein Isolate and medium fast absorbing Whey Protein concentrate. This ratio makes the product quite versatile as it can be consumed directly after exercise or throughout the day to insure your protein requirements are meet.

Who Should take it?  Due to the high protein content with low levels of carbohydrate and fats, this product is great for people wanting to maintain or achieve a lean physique. Suitable for males and females looking for recovery after gym, sports and increasing protein levels throughout the day.

What does it do?   FACTION LABS 100% Whey has 55% fast acting Whey Protein Isolate and 45%, Medium fast release Whey Protein Concentrate.  You get an initial fast release of amino acids with the WPI, followed by a constant release over the next few hours. This gives the body a constant drip feeding of amino acids, essential for muscle growth and the repair you need after a tough exercise session.

The WPC is usually regarded as a cheaper, inferior cousin to WPI. WPC however is in a structure that is beneficial to digestive health and your immune system. Once it has worked its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and pro immune system magic, WPC will be broken down into amino acids and will be absorbed into the body to start repairing all your tissues. Bottom line is the WPI/WPC is a great blend of proteins for overall health and performance. 

With added Papain and Lactase enzymes this product will be easily digested, even among those that are Lactose intolerant.

How do I take it? One scoop of FACTION LABS 100% WHEY directly after an exercise session or it can be used throughout the day to provide extra Protein to your current eating plan. As usual, larger males may require 1.5 to 2 serves to satisfy their protein requirements, regular folk 1 scoop.

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