What is it?  BULK NUTRIENTS SPORTS FUEL is multi-stage time released carbohydrate powder with Amino acids and electrolytes to power you through intense exercise sessions.   

Who Should take it?  This is a great all-round Sports formula, suitable for gym goers, hikers and sports people alike. This formula provides extra energy during exercise along with ingredients to boost performance and improve recovery.  Personally, I add SPORTS FUEL to my pre-workout and intra-workout drinks to get a better pump and more energy during a weight’s session.

What does it do? BULK NUTRIENTS SPORTS FUEL is a blend of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides, Carbohydrates, Aminos and electrolytes.  

  • Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides provide an easily digestible form of amino acids to help improve recovery from intense exercise. They assist with general recovery of the whole body along with the more specific joint repair.
  • Dextrose and Maltodextrin provide a ready sauce of usable energy. Glucose is the body’s preferred energy sauce and just before or during exercise is a great time to utilise these simple carbohydrates. A sensible amount of simple carbs during exercise will NOT be stored as fat and will improve muscle growth and performance.
  • SPORTS FUEL has BCAA for recovery and energy, along with added glutamine to remove waste products (ammonia) from working muscles and L-Citruline to give you improved blood flow.
  • Electrolytes assist with performance and reduce the chance of cramping after togh exercise sessions.

There you have it, a great tasting sports formula suitable for just about every type of exercise or sport.

 How do I take it? This is a very versatile product. One to Two scoops SPORTS FUEL before, during or after exercise sessions.

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