What is it?  ATP SCIENCE ZEUS JUICE is not only packed full of all 9 essential amino acids as well as Hydroxyproline and comes in 3 delicious flavours that are hard to resist. ZEUS is a  formula to boost muscle recovery while contributing to joint health (who doesn’t have sore joints).

 Who Should take it? Anyone looking to recover better from exercise and improve performance will benefit from throwing a scoop of ZEUS into their workout bottle.  The flavours of ZEUS are worth sipping on throughout the day purely for the taste, so this could be a great strategy for those who struggle to get in plain water. No Artificial colours or flavours is always a good thing.

Fasted cardio is very popular ad has some obvious benefits. One downfall however is that your naturally high cortisol levels first thing in the morning can tap into muscle mass.  A scoop of ZEUS will quickly decrease cortisol levels without interfering with the fat burning cardio session.

What does it do? ZEUS JUICE is designed to perform three main functions

  • Supply all 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS to help with Recovery, muscle sparring and performance during exercise.
  • The addition of Hydroxyproline is what differentiates this product from the other Amino acid products on the market. Hydroxyproline has been shown to be beneficial in repair of cartilage/joint injuries.
  • AstraGin helps with absorption of most supplements through the digestive tract.
  • All Natural colours and flavours

How do I take it? One scoop ZEUS JUICE during exercise is as complicated as it gets. If you are exercising on an empty stomach first thing upon waking, then you may want to start sipping on it 10-15 minutes before you start your session.



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