What is it?  ATP SCIENCE NOWAY gives fitness enthusiast another option for recovery and growth instead of the standard Dairy based protein options. NOWAY’s hydrolysed Collagen peptides are easily digested and are readily available for repairing your body after strenuous exercise sessions.

Who Should take it?  Due to the high protein content with low levels of carbohydrate and fats, this product is great for people wanting to maintain or achieve a lean physique. Suitable for everyone wanting or having to stay clear of Whey or Casein based Protein powders. While taste is a subjective thing, most are going to agree that NOWAY tastes far superior to all the vegan options on the market.

What does it do?   ATP SCIENCE NOWAY uses German engineered NOWAY BODYBALANCE Collagen exclusively in their formula which is university tested to enhance connective tissue repair. It is a more expensive raw ingredient to use, however it is made in Germany and the quality of the Collagen is world class. NOWAY has both type 1 and type 3 hydrolysed Collagen peptides with are optimal for repair of all connective tissue (skin, ligaments, tendons, joints) and muscle tissue.

Natural colours and sweetened with Stevia make this product a great choice with those wanting a very clean Protein with no artificials.

How do I take it? One scoop of ATP SCIECE NOWAY after an exercise session or it can be used throughout the day to provide extra Protein to your current eating plan. The fruity flavours go well in a smoothie with berries or mango. For those people with more muscle than average, 2 scoops would be better.

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