What is it?  ATP SCIENCE AREA 51 is an Australian made pre-workout supplement designed to enhance energy, focus, and performance during exercise. With only natural sweeteners and colours and a range of great flavours to choose from, AREA 51 is going to be a crowd pleaser.

Who Should take it?  This product is designed more for the beginner and intermediate gym goer. Those who have been flogging your nervous systems with inordinate quantities of caffeine and other stimulants may have to double scoop (or give your body a break from stimulants until it recovers).

What does it do? The key ingredients in ATP SCIENCE AREA 51 combine to create comprehensive pre-workout supplement that delivers extra energy, focus, and performance during exercise.

Caffeine is present here in 3 forms, the anhydrous gets into the system quickly to get you going straight away. Guarana and extended-release caffeine allow you to keep the momentum and focus going for prolonged periods.

Alpha GPC to improve cognitive function. Personally, any product that adds Alpha GPC and Tyrosine to the caffeine mix gives me a smoother ride (better focus, no jitters) than just Caffeine by itself.

Ginseng root has been used for a millennia for better energy and health. ATP SCIENCE have added the Ginseng into this formula for better endurance during your exercise sessions.

English walnut extract for mood enhancement, again to give you a better feel than just caffeine alone.

Tyrosine is one of the raw ingredients your brain makes neurotransmitters from. The Caffeine tends to chew through the neurotransmitters so the added Tyrosine helps to mitigate the crash.

How do I take it? 1 scoop 30 minutes before exercise in 200ml of water is going to be an effective dose for beginners and intermediate trainers while advanced trainers may require up to 2 scoops to get the job done.  Can also be used before a cardio session or team sports game to give you an energy boost and burn more calories.  

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