Tasty Tuna Melts

Tasty Tuna Melts

These tasty little treats will fit into your macros nicely while giving you a break from chicken, rice and vegetables.


1 x tin 98% fat free tuna (mayo one works well, if not available add 1tsp 98% fat free mayo)

1 Helga’s sandwich round, 1 wholegrain English muffin or 1 slice Burgen Bread

1 x Tbsp diced red onion

1 x Tbsp diced red capsicum

½ tomato diced

25g grated Bega So Extra Light cheese

Makes 1 Serve


  • Mix together tuna, onion, capsicum, tomato, mayo and microwave mix for about 30-45 sec’s until just warm
  • Pill on top of Helga’s sandwich rounds or bread and top with cheese
  • Grill until cheese is melted
  • Serve with salad

Nutritional Information per serve:

Protein: 27.5

Fat: 6.9

Carbs: 26.5

Calories: 279

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