Pre-Workout Nutrition

Pre-Workout Nutrition

The pre-exercise meal is an important part of your overall plan to achieve your sporting or physique goals. Most people’s goals usually fit neatly into either of 2 categories

  1. Cutting Fat: Even those looking to drop body-fat should ingest some nutrients before exercise. Either a Quality protein or some Essential Amino acids and a reduced (usually not zero) amount of Carbohydrates. Overall Daily Calorie deficit is the main determining factor in fat loss, so don’t be afraid to have some carbs around training.
  2. Improved performance or muscle gains: This group will definitely benefit from both protein and carbohydrates before exercise. Some may even need Aminos and carb powder during exercise to maximize results.

Let’s have a look at what are some great food choices to power you through a tough exercise session. Whether you are trying to maintain or reduce your body weight, it is advisable to have carbohydrates around exercise to enhance blood flow, provide strength and generally give you energy to perform. If you are limiting your carbohydrate consumption to drop weight, just make sure the carbohydrates you have left in your eating plan are consumed around weight training.

The key feature for your pre-exercise meal are a moderate amount of quality protein combined with a relatively fast acting carbohydrate source. Making sure you give yourself enough time to digest that food is imperative. Generally, 30-90 minutes is enough time for these meals to clear the stomach

Good choices for pre-workout meals are:

  • Protein shake and fruit
  • White fish and sweet potato
  • Chicken stir fry and rice
  • Yogurt, muesli and berries
  • Rice Cakes and Jam
  • Essential Amino Acid formula and Glucose Lollies (measured amount)


The meal needs to be light or given sufficient time to clear the stomach (you don’t want too much food in the stomach will exercising). A huge meal before exercise will take too long to clear and will impede your performance.

All of our clients utilise this approach of getting some nutrients in before exercise. Some prefer to give themselves the time to digest a solid meal while others prefer to throw down some Aminos and lollies 20-30 minutes before they hit the gym. The choice is yours, just make sure your system is fuelled properly for maximum performance.  

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