Motivation and Positive Mindset

Motivation and Positive Mindset

For most people maintaining a positive mindset through any dieting phase can be an difficult task. But for those that don’t really have their hearts in it, then dieting can be a nightmare!

The struggle basically goes something like this: it’s morning tea time and your co-worker Margaret has just walked into the office with a box of doughnuts. You start to think to yourself – “do I eat the nutritious meal I bought with me or do I just eat the doughnuts?”

The same dilemma continues at lunch, afternoon tea, etc. Then after work this thought pops up – “I’m a bit tired, might just skip the cardio session tonight”… and on it goes, with little choices having to be made up to 20 times per day.

This is an energy and self-esteem draining process that most people force themselves to endure when trying to get into shape. At some stage, motivation will drop off and then you will have to re-group and “get” some more motivation. While most people don’t put themselves through this pain knowingly, painful this process is. But it really doesn’t have to be this way!

When we remove the choice, then contest preparation, trimming up for summer or anything we want to achieve becomes very simple. Let me illustrate by sharing a conversation one of our good customers Mathew Pierce had with his then coach, IFBB Pro Josh Lenartowitz, a few months ago during his comp prep.


Mat: I don’t think I can fit meal 4 in at work.

Josh: I’m sure you will find a way.

Mat: We don’t have a break between 12 and 4pm though.

Josh: I’m sure you will find a way.

Mat: But my boss won’t let us take an extra break.

Josh: Have a talk to your boss, if you really want it, you will find a way.

Long story short, Mathew had his lunch break split in half to squeeze in an extra break. Josh new from experience that if you really want something bad enough you will arrange YOUR day to insure your goals are reached. He had removed the choice and was purely looking for ways to implement what needed to be done each day.


If we remove, the choice then life will become a lot easier. Instead of wasting energy deciding whether to follow YOUR plan to success, we will use our brains to determine HOW we are going to get it done. The old habit of stumbling at every choice is just that, a habit. Once we remove that choice and adopt the philosophy that “it will be done”, then eventually this new way of being will become our new productive habit.


So really the only choice that remains is, are you willing to give this new “No Choice” way of being a go, or are you going to stick with your old habits? I can guarantee you that the old “Will I/ Won’t I” way of following a nutrition plan is soul destroying. It will rob you of love for yourself and faith in your own abilities. If I had a worst enemy (7billion friends, zero enemies), I would not wish this horrible pattern of thinking upon them.

Having trouble sticking to your plans? Over our many, many years of coaching, we have come to learn that the way you think strongly influences the way you look and feel. Come in store and have a chat to me about how Planet Max can help you change your mindset and therefore your goals.

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