Maximum Motivation - Setting your highest Intentions

Maximum Motivation - Setting your highest Intentions

       “S/He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” Friedrick Nietzsche

 Most people’s definition of motivation is usually “finding the energy to do something they don’t fully want to do”. This is a sure-fire way to achieve results far below what you are capable of or more often than not, just giving up altogether. Even if you have to continually re-energise yourself to achieve your goals, do you really want to live this way.

We’re not saying that every goal that was successfully completed was rainbows and lollypops. Sometimes to complete a goal you are going to have to endure some pain and go places mentally and physically you may not want to. What we are saying however is that whether a goal was successfully completed with a big smile or gritted teeth, the successful person fully knew WHY they were striving to complete this challenge. They understood their WHY and the goal had tangible MEANING to them.

WHAT DO YOU REALLY VALUE - Unless your goals have significant meaning to you then you will not be MOVED to see them to fruition, or at best you will struggle to achieve a sub-par outcome. As Nietzsche stated, we can bear almost anything if the WHY is big enough.

Would you shovel shite in a sewer for 12 hours a day for the next 4 years, every day? ……Probably not? What if it was high paying, you had no other skills and you need to pay for your daughter/father/wife’s lifesaving medical treatment? Suddenly the context changes everything. Most people will not enjoy it but most people are good hearted and they will not falter, the meaning associated with caring for their loved ones can move mountains (of shite in this case). Context and Meaning are everything and if you are not fully aware of what you truly value then you will not know what is really driving you.

Most of our goals don’t involve anything as dramatic as the example above, however the driving force is going to be the same. At some point you are going to have to ask yourself what is really important to you, what do you value, what drives you? I can guarantee you that the journey to your goals is going to be revolutionary (and evolutionary) once your Highest Intentions have been firmly established.

DOOMED TO FAILURE - No more rousing pep talks like you see with football coaches at half time, no more “you can do this”, “come on, fire up”, et. If you need a constant Pep talk that you can do this then obviously you aren’t “doing it”. Why keep beating yourself up with a method of motivation that rarely works? If you continue trying to do something and continually failing because your heart isn’t really in it can you imagine the damage this pattern will do to your self-esteem?

ASK YOURSELF SOME QUESTIONS – bring some awareness into your daily actions. Ask yourself some basic questions like

  • What do I value, what beliefs and values are really driving my behaviour?
  • Am I living those values, Am I striding towards my goals every day?
  • What small daily changes could I make that are sustainable and beneficial

When you bring some awareness into your daily patterns you will start to quickly see your goals coming to fruition while also enjoying the process of creating your life anew. Only then will your resolutions actually have a fighting chance of being made flesh.

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