Last week the media run half a story on Genetics relaying a recent study where scientist had isolated a master regulatory gene that controls obesity. As usual several reporters and interviewers ran with the deterministic approach of concluding your Genes determine your bodily shape and functions, putting forward the idea that you as an individual are basically at the mercy of the genetics that your parents have passed on to you.

Sounds nice if you want to play the blame/victim game but this approach is neither empowering nor particularly true. The key bit of information that seems to be left out every time one of these studies is mentioned in the popular media is that your genes CAN NOT turn themselves on. By themselves Genes are powerless. Without getting into too much nerdy mumbo jumbo we shall have a brief look at what factors that REALLY determine which genes are activated and thus how YOU control your own body.

   Research scientists discovered decades ago that it is the cell membrane that determines the functions within each cell and that the nucleus is just a repository of blueprints (genes) that are selected and accessed when needed. Basically every cell has only two states of activity, either growth when the membrane perceives positive conditions, or protection (shut down mode) when the membrane perceives conditions to be hostile. If the protection mode is activated for a long enough time cells will actually die. Each cell needs a growth period where it can generate new proteins to repair itself.

    Every cell membrane has thousands of receptors that monitor their environment for hormones, neurotransmitters, acidity, toxins, temperature, amino acids and just about every other conceivable thing that the cell may encounter. Then by activating secondary messengers and regulatory proteins that activate the appropriate gene.

    So what does this all mean to average Joe/Jane that wants to look and feel healthier? It is us who control the 3 most important variables that determine which genes are activated.  

  1. What we EAT and DRINK
  2. What we DO (exercise, smoking, prescription drugs etc)
  3. What we THINK

    The first 2 variables of what we eat and how active we are is a no-brainer. It is no surprise to anyone that your cells will activate the appropriate fat storage genes if calories are greater than expenditure. This is where last week’s media darling “fat master gene” comes into the picture, but again it has to be activated under the appropriate conditions and has no power of it’s own. It is also a no brainer that cells will try to protect themselves in the presence of damaging substances and environments.

   What is less well understood is the effect our thoughts and beliefs have on the behaviour of the cells in the rest of the body. Basically positive thoughts and emotions cause the release of hormones and neurotransmitters that create a cellular environment for growth and repair, while negative thoughts and emotions cause the cell to go into shut down mode (low or no repair). As mentioned earlier, if a cell stays in this low repair mode low enough it will eventually die.

   So what does this mean to the above average (we don’t have average members) Planet Max member? Bottom line is that you are in control of your own body. through your choices of foods, activities, supplements, medications and most of all, your thoughts determine which genes your body will activate in

order to keep itself healthy. The fact that different genes have been activated unintentionally in the past by certain thoughts and habits does not mean that you are genetically ungifted. With some more positive exercise, food and thought patterns you will be able to achieve your goals and achieve a physique where others will start to refer to you as “genetically gifted”.

   For a more in-depth look at this topic I encourage you to read Dr Bruce Lipton’s “biology of belief” or for those that are time-poor there are a series of clips on Youtube that summarise the book quite well. 

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