7 Weeks out CREATINE

7 Weeks out CREATINE

There is a lot of confusion around Creatine supplementation in general, however leading into contest time the Bro Science really starts to rear it’s ugly head. Let us look at the benefits of creatine supplementation leading into a contest or during a dieting phase.

What is it?  Creatine is an energy substrate that is vital to energy production in every cell in your body and especially muscles. Creatine is naturally produced with the amino acids Glycine and Arginine though your muscles have the ability to store more supplemented Creatine above base levels.

Who Should take it?  Ideal for people wanting to increase strength, muscle mass or performance. The percentage of Non-responders (those who obtain no benefit from a particular supplement or medicine) is very low with creatine. Up to 90 % of those who supplement with creatine will notice improvements in strength and performance in as little as a week. For endurance sports, such as low distance running, the benefits from creatine supplementation seem to be negligible. Creatine has been shown to improve strength in women and men alike.

Does Creatine Hold Water Yes, definitely, right in the muscle cells exactly where we want it. But doesn’t Creatine make you look smooth and watery? Short answer No. Long answer is holding too much fat makes you look fat and if your diet is poor and high in salty /processed food you will look water. Did I mention that Creatine holds extra water in your muscle, making them look fuller and getting the muscle to push against the skin.

On a reduced Carbohydrate diet your muscles will not feel as full as usual, Creatne can help counter this to a degree.

How do I take it? The simplest way to take creatine is 1 teaspoon every day whether you are exercising that day or not. Most people take their creatine just before exercise although this is not really necessary. Larger dosages may upset your stomach or give your kidneys unnecessary work. Keep it simple , 1 teaspoon (5-6 grams) every day.

In order to retain as much muscle and strength as possible, Creatine will be staying in my supplement plan right up to show day. It’s a Bodybuilding show and I need to retain as much muscle as possible.

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