5 Weeks out Glute and more Glutes

5 Weeks out Glute and more Glutes

These days Striated Glutes on stage can be the difference between winning and placing down the ranks. While you can’t spot reduce with exercise, you can however make sure when all the fat comes off the glutes are in great shape.

  As part of last week’s upgrades to the contest plan I’m now adding this Glute routine in after every weights session. This extra exercise will add to overall calorie burning, hopefully add some glute mass and carve in some new detail. Extra time posing and contracting the glutes should also help with displaying these muscles better on contest day.

 Here’s what the new Extra Glute routine looks like 

 Extra Glutes routine 




Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Regular shoulder width stance

2 x 20 reps

Leg Adductor machine

Slow reps

2 x 20 reps

Lying Leg Curls      

Slow reps

2 x 20 reps


Points to keep in mind while performing this routine

  • Pose the glutes in between sets
  • Keep rep speed slow and rep count high. No need to go too heavy, you can save that for leg day.
  • Keep your glutes/pelvis/weiner low and pressed into the bench when doing leg curls. Don’t smile too much when doing this, sends the wrong message.

 All the extra glute training and cardio can add a strain so remember to stretch and soak in a warm bath if required. Chat next week when we are leaner!

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