Welcome to my 2020 IFBB Nationals contest preparation blog. As most of you have little interest in stepping on stage in your undies any time soon, we are going to focus on the practical aspects of what I do to get into shape that can easily be incorporated into your nutrition/training plans. 

This year is going to be interesting as you may have noticed there is a little virus doing the rounds and a whole heap of limitations regarding gyms, exercise and food choices. I have no great desire to put my life on hold, so I’ve washed my hands 4 times and its time to come up with a Plan B to get this physique in good enough shape to be competitive at a National level.    

New this year to the Blog I’ll be shooting some mini videos on training with limited equipment. I think you will be surprised on how effectively you can train with a set of 20kg dumbbells (or less). We will discuss different training styles to keep exercise fresh and productive as well as nutrition and mindset. Each week gradually you will be able to see my enormous head (my wife’s words) gradually shrink down to the size of a regular human head as the fat starts to come off. 

One of the great features of my last contest blog was the flexibility to talk about what ever you guys/gals want to focus on. I’ll have a few key things we all need to do when getting into shape however half of the Blog articles from last prep were shaped by requests from you the viewer. The interaction on the blog posts was always a boost to my energy levels during comp prep, so I’m super keen to hear how you are going with home training and how your bodies and minds are transforming. 

The next Blog we are going to look at what equipment I will be using and what I consider to be the bare minimum if you are going to make it through the long winter without a gym. I’ll get this one out soon so you can get started with me. Stay tuned.

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