Keep It Simple Stupid!

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Don’t get bogged down in minutiae. One of the really cool NLP concepts we have been working with our Planet Max clients is the Meta-Program GLOBAL vs DETAIL. In a nutshell some people need to know all the details to complete a task while others prefer just to get a broad overview.

While both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, one of the most common mistakes people make when embarking on a new fitness plan is to focus too much on the details. Personally when it comes to exercise and nutrition plans I tend to run with a lot of details, I pack as much research and knowledge into structuring each plan as I can. So when a client presents with similar details habits, I can definitely empathise with them, but………. often too much details for some people leads to procrastination.

Something that might help those people running excessive details programs would be to actually put a few things into perspective. How much difference will it really make to our final results? Let me paint you a little picture of some of the successful clients I’ve coached with over the years.

We will make up an imaginary client and call him Bob.

BOB kicks butt: So imaginary Bob wants to get into shape, doesn’t know too much about exercise or nutrition but is willing to follow the plan and see what is possible. Bob runs global programs, just needs a broad over view of what the plan is for the next eight weeks. Here is the kicker, Bob is a simple man (Bobbette if you prefer a female imaginary client), he doesn’t think too much and definitely doesn’t over analyse or doubt himself. Fast track to the end of the 8-week challenge or Contest preperation., Bob followed the plan, didn’t stress and got great results. The lack of details didn’t make a difference because all the necessary details were already built into the plan. Anything after that would have been mostly just worry.

People often over emphasise the importance of the various choices available to them or the degree to which it will make an impact on their outcome. Fasted cardio or regular cardio, who cares just do one because the both work. Fish or chicken, who cares, it doesn’t make that much of a difference just pick the one you like the best.

Sometimes excessive thinking, planning and postulating can be the down fall to many well intention-ed fitness plans. Obviously it is great to make a well structured plan, this is a must and your first step. But it’s just a step, so keep stepping and don’t stay in the planning phase.

Let’s wrap this thing up, Excessive thinking is not helpful. It really is just a sub-conscious habit of worrying that you have got yourself into and it is most likely the reason you burn yourself out mentally and give-up on your fitness routine. It helps to be honest with yourself sometimes and ask, am I on a journey of exploration and learning with all these extra details or am I just searching for more details as a way of procrastinating, afraid to really move ahead?

I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened”  –  Mark Twain

 If this article rings true to you and you feel that some old mental patterns are what is really holding you back from reaching your business, relationship or fitness goals then it may be time to upgrade your fitness coach to a personal development coach. Fortunately I know a few good ones…..

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