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Nutritionist Consult

Nutritionist Consult

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Are you eating enough food?
Are you eating the right food?
Are you over-eating?
Could your diet be deficient in certain nutrients?

During this 30-minute consult our resident Nutritionist (Boris) will examine your current nutrition/food-intake, possible nutrient deficiencies and make future recommendations to improve your health and vibrancy.

The process is simple, we send you a questionnaire which includes space to record an average eating day for you as well as a few questions on your health, food intolerance, etc. Email back the completed questionnaire, give us 24 hours to evaluate your current nutrition, then book in for consult (face to face, phone or video messenger/skype).

Please note this does not include a written nutrition plan, but you can chat to Boris about one of these at your consult or purchase one here: Customised Nutrition Plan

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