What is it?  If you are serious about getting the most out of your exercise regime, you need to make sure your Testosterone levels are at the top end of the natural range.  Testosterone boosters are designed to aid in the production and functioning of the predominately male hormone Testosterone. We will address the balancing of hormones for females (including Testosterone) in another article. Simply increasing the amount of testosterone produced is not enough to account for all the checks and balances the body has in regulating hormones, fortunately modern Testosterone boosting formulas usually cover all these bases.

Who Should take it?  Anyone who wants to optimize the results in their chosen sports needs to insure that they are safely getting the most out of their body. If you are happy cruising around in third gear during life then Test boosters aren’t necessary. If however you want to see what you are actually capable of (while still living a long , healthy life) then you need to insure all your hormones are operating at their peak. Males generally over the age of 25 can start to experience lower testosterone levels. Under this age results can be less noticeable because testosterone and overall energy levels are already quite good. Females can experience noticeable increases in energy and recovery using a half dose of testosterone boosting formula, particularly when the product also has ingredients to modulate Estrogen and Cortisol levels..

What does it do? A good Testosterone Boosting formula will cover all aspects of optimal Testosterone utilisation. Let’s break it down into simple terms and see what a good Testosterone boosting formula actually does.

  • Boosting Luteinizing Hormone: This hormone is released from the pituitary gland and travels through the blood to the Testes where it signals the production of Testosterone. Bottom line, more Testosterone.
  • Free Testosterone: between 97 -98% of your testosterone is bound to Globulin or Albumin and floating around in the blood in storage form. The liver is responsible for removing the Albumin, leaving Free (unbound) Testosterone to do its job. Avena Sativa is one ingredient used to free up your natural Testosterone. Tip, a little carbohydrate spike around exercise is a great way to get the liver to free up some stored testosterone.
  • Modulate Estrogen: While Estrogen is essential for libido and healing in males, problems occur when it is too high. High Estrogen levels inhibit fat loss, interferes negatively with Testosterone production and can even contribute to feelings of depression. A broccoli extract, DIM is often used to reduce Estrogen.
  • Modulate Cortisol: As with Estrogen, Cortisol is vital to survival. Too much cortisol or at the wrong parts of the day however and muscle mass and performance may be compromised. Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea and Schisandra Chinensis are all useful in bringing cortisol into a healthier range.

How do I take it? Each formula is a little different, however you can always play it safe for the first week and experiment with a half dose to gauge your tolerance. Larger guys or Pre-contest competitors may find the extra strains of competition warrant a slightly higher dose. In any case however, your body will eventually get used to the elevated Testosterone levels so it is generally recommended that you cycle 4-8 weeks on followed by 2-4 weeks off. As mentioned previously, women tend to benefit most by using a half dose.

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