What is it?  PUMP JUICE is the perfect pre-workout replacement for those wanting to eliminate caffeine and other stimulants while still getting maximum performance during your exercise sessions. Improved focus, energy, pumps, strength and endurance and all without any stimulants.

Who Should take it?  PUMP JUICE is made for everyone interested in improving performance during exercise. If you are exercising at night and want to avoid staying awake half the night, then a full serve of Pump juice will get your session going. For those want to reduce caffeine then half a serve of PUMP JUICE and half a serve of your regular pre-workout will provide all the ingredients you need to get the job done. For the hardcore user, PUMP JUICE can be added to a regular serve of pre-workout to go for a monster pump.

What does it do?  This formula does just about everything a regular pre-workout does, except for the crash you often get with Stimulant based pre-workout formulas.

Pump Complex: a whopping 6 grams of Citrulline Malate will improve blood flow of nutrients to the muscle and contribute to getting those rep sapping waste products quickly out of the muscle and off to the liver and kidneys to be processed. The added Agmatine is a bit of over kill and the Glycerol jusy insures you get the best pump of your life.

Vitamin Complex: with 6 different B vitamins included we are focused here on energies production. While B vitamins are catalysts for many vital processes in the human body, carbohydrate metabolism and energy production is one of the big ones.

FOCUS: Tyrosine and Alpha GPC help provide focus as they are raw ingredients necessary for Neurotransmitter production. Mesembrine helps with Seratonin re-uptake, which leads to improved moods and a reduction in Anxiety.

PERFORMANCE: Beta-Alanine will kick in fast to reduce lactic acid, should be a noticeable improvement in endurance right from your first dose. The 3200mg is the dosage used in most studies and may give some people the tingles for about ten minutes. Betaine and Creatine HCL help with strength and energy production.

There you have it, hands down the best new product we have had in the store for the past few years. A great addition to anybody’s supplement stack.

How do I take it?  Between ½ to 1 serve should be enough for most people. With this formula you really don’t need to be going over 1 serve. ½ to 1 serve, 20-30 minutes before exercise with a glass of water we think is sufficient for a great workout boost. A lot of Planetmax members find they want some caffeine to give them a sensible boost and have been using a half serve of their favourite pre-workout with a half serve of PUMP JUICE. This gives you all of the performance gains with only half of the stimulants (usually no come-down crash either).


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